Office Cleaning

Office cleaning covers a wide range of tasks and services to ensure that your office space is clean, tidy, and safe for your workers, employees, clients, and business partners.

We provide the full range of services for your convenience, comfort, and peace of mind, whether it is a local office, office building, or a commercial unit. We cover the full range of tasks, including:

Office Cleaning• Dust work areas and electronics such as fax machines, printers, and computers
• Clean desks
• Dust and clean bookshelves
• Dust and disinfect furnishings, tables, filing cabinets, and shelves
• Sanitize remote controls, receivers, telephones, etc.
• Clean and wipe light fixtures
• Vacuum carpeted areas
• Wipe down blinds and curtains
• Etc.

Our list of services is non-comprehensive and can be customized according to your requirements and needs. We offer to dust throughout, sanitize, disinfect, vacuum, degrease, de-scale, and tidy all surfaces and work areas around your office. Our cleaners will remove storage containers, magazines, files, and books to dust all bookshelves and will use microfiber cloth to clean desk accessories. They will clean keyboards and screens, mop floors, wipe and dust pictures and frames, and empty and disinfect waste paper bins.
We will clean the bathroom areas and toilets, vending areas and kitchens, front desk and lobby, stairs, and general office areas. Our cleaners will work around your schedule, and we promise to cause minimum disruption. We will clean all sinks and mirrors, fill soap dispensers, replace hand towels and toilet paper, and disinfect all surfaces in the bathroom area. Our cleaners will mop and sweep all floors in the vending and kitchen areas, clean kitchen appliances, and wipe worktops and tables. We also offer to vacuum and dust armchairs and sofas in your lobby to help make great first impression.

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