One Off Cleaning

One off or spring clean helps fresh up and tidy your flat or house and saves you valuable time you can spend with your kids, family, and friends.

We will disinfect, clean, dust, mop, and vacuum all areas and rooms, including common areas, hallways, stairs, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Our cleaning teams offer to remove fingerprints and marks, mop floors and vacuum carpets, wipe down skirting boards, and dust picture frames, knickknacks, and furniture. We will tidy and clean all rooms and will leave them neat and spotless clean. We provide the comprehensive range of services for residential units, including:

spring-cleaning• Clean skirting
• Vacuum carpets
• Wipe clean and disinfect kitchen worktops and appliances
• Water plants
• Shine taps and clean sinks
• Wipe furniture
• Etc.

We will clean right to left, back to front, and top to bottom and will leave everything in top condition. Our cleaners only use high quality cleaning supplies and detergents that are safe for your family. We also offer free cleaning quotes and affordable prices, regardless of location, budget, and cleaning requirements. We know how busy customers are and promise to work around your schedule and clean your property in a timely fashion. We promise to clean the exterior and interior of cupboards, degrease, de-scale, and shine appliances, and clean the exhaust fan, door frames, fittings, and tiled areas. All fittings, fixtures, and tiles will be cleaned and left shining, and all glass tables will be left clean. Our cleaners will remove cobwebs from walls, disinfect and scrub toilets and bathroom areas, wipe down window sills, and spot clean and disinfect all fittings. Whatever you need to be cleaned, you can rest assured that all tasks will be completed by professional, experienced, insured, polite, and punctual cleaners.

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