“Not long ago I decided to quit smoking, so I threw away all lighters and ashtrays. But I also wanted to have my carpets cleaned to get rid of the smell, cigarette marks, and sash stains. I made an appointment with Top Carpet Cleaning London. When their cleaner arrived, he treated the stains to prepare them for cleaning. I told him I quit smoking, and he used a special chemical to kill the cigarette odour. I’m really happy with the results as all the stains and marks just disappeared. Now my carpets are smoke-free and stain-free!”

Sarah, Maida Vale W9

“I have several pets, and the carpet in my sitting room was a real mess. I decided to call Top Carpet Cleaning London and they explained they had a special cleaning solution for pet mess. The cleaner did a great job and even used a stain protector. Now it is so easy to just wipe up any pet mess. And my carpets look brilliant!”

Judy G., Morden, Surbiton

“I was about to move out of my flat, and my estate agent wanted me to clean it professionally. I didn’t think it was that important –  the place was in good condition – but I started looking for a professional cleaning company. I found Top Carpet Cleaning London and booked a cleaning service. The flat was thoroughly cleaned, and I was really satisfied with the results.

Their customer service is great and I found their prices affordable.”

Karen, Fulham, West London

“We had put our carpets in long ago, and I thought it is a good idea to change them. A friend suggested cleaning them first and then deciding whether to buy new ones. I called Top Carpet Cleaning London, and they sent a cleaner who removed all the dust and dirt from our carpets. He also moved all the furniture for us. My carpets look like new, and the price was very affordable.”

Margaret, Dagenham

“After a party, we noticed some drink stains on the carpet and called Top Carpet Cleaning London to request a cleaning service on the same day. They sent a cleaner who removed the drink stains and a few cigarette stains. I was impressed with the results, and I know whom I’ll call if this happens again.”

Bob R., Ladbroke Grove

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