Domestic Carpet Cleaning

The domestic carpet cleaning service we offer is a great way to maintain your home in a clean and healthy state.

We will remove all kinds of stains, spills, and pet hairs. Our domestic carpet service is perfect for you if you need to clean after a home improvement or renovation project. The chemicals and equipment our cleaners use are eco-friendly and are appropriate for any type of materials and fabrics

domestic carpet cleaningLeftover solutions attract dirt and dust particles. We will remove deep-down dirt and carpet solution residue and will leave your carpet more beautiful, softer, and spotless clean. Our cleaners are insured, trained, and knowledgeable. They will inspect your carpets to identify stains and problem areas. This will help them to choose the right method and cleaning solution. We will choose a product that will loosen the embedded dust and dirt. Our cleaners use innovative and effective carpet-care technologies, depending on the fabrics, amount of traffic, and level of staining. We use wet and dry carpet cleaning methods such as shampooing, dry cleaning, encapsulation, and others. Hot water extraction is a very effective method that uses dilute detergents and water. We will choose a non-harmful, eco-friendly product that is safe for your family. Our cleaners will go over your carpet or rug several times to remove detergent residues. This is very important because residue attracts dust and dirt, and your carpet will become dirty again.

Our operatives use commercial detergents, solutions, and water extraction equipment. While some companies use inexpensive equipment and cleaning products, our staff uses the latest, more expensive solutions and equipment. Note that moisture evaporates quickly with dehumidification, air conditioning, heating, and good ventilation.

We will clean and deodorize your carpets and will review the job once we are done. We use specialized deodorizers and protectors only. Our cleaners will pay extra attention to stubborn stains such as wine, pet, juice, oil-based, and other stains. They will use specialized, powerful extraction equipment for better results and quick drying.

The section with testimonials includes letters from satisfied individual and business customers.

How to Book a Home Carpet Cleaning Service

In case you need additional information about our domestic carpet cleaning service or want to make an appointment, get in touch with us by phone or online. Call us on  07596230915 or 07865687817 or fill in the online form to receive a free quote and to book the service.

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