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Your fine oriental rugs need proper maintenance in order to preserve their best appearance. We know all this, so we provide professional rug cleaning that will improve the appearance of your oriental rugs. We  use only non-toxic materials and specialized equipment that will not damage the colour and shape of your expensive rugs. Regular care and rug cleaning is the best you can do for your precious rugs.

oriental rug cleaning londonThere are many types of oriental rugs, with different designs, fibers, and color schemes. There are rugs from the Caucasus, Pakistan, Nepal, India, China, and other countries. Afghan rugs, for example, come with a firm texture, medium-thick nap, and wool weft and warp. Chinese carved rugs feature a thick nap, cotton weft and warp, and embossed design. There is a large variety of designs such as Deco, French Aubusson, Perking, and many others. We will examine the fabric, colors, and fibers to choose a good cleaning method and detergent for your rug. The product of choice depends on the level of staining and amount of traffic. We take different factors into account, including rug knots and types, color, style, and age. Our cleaners will use different products for rugs with stains. There are stubborn stains that are more difficult to remove, and we will use special solutions to treat them. Stubborn stains include stains from red wine, chewing gum, beetroot, fruit juice, and grass. Other hard-to-treat stains are blood, hair dye, ketchup and sauce, nail varnish, and beer. We will identify the type of stain and will treat it accordingly. Nail varnish, for example, is difficult to remove, and some people use a non-oily nail varnish remover to treat stains. It is not suitable for all types of fabrics, however. Blood is also difficult to remove, especially once it has dried. We will use special cleaning solutions to treat stains like these. A quick wipe works in some cases, but red wine and sauce stains are a real pain. We don’t use harsh detergents and harmful chemicals that can damage delicate fabrics. Our cleaners use only eco-friendly solutions that help create a clean, safe environment. They will help you to minimize stain damage.

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