Fine Dry Carpet Cleaning

There are carpets that need additional attention and cleaning. These carpets are usually made from rayon, microfiber, silk, sea grass, or sisal. They are quite expensive and delicate, and they can’t be treated as traditional carpets. In such cases, we use dry carpet cleaning – a cleaning method that preserves their appearance and colour.

We have a mobile team of specialists who use special equipment and chemicals. Using these special cleaning materials, our experts thoroughly clean your expensive and exquisite carpets. Dry carpet cleaning is more costly because of the prices of the used chemicals, but it is worth it because this cleaning method will make your carpets shine.

Dry Carpet Cleaning or Traditional Carpet Cleaning?

dry carpet cleaning

Our staff is trained to determine what kind of cleaning your carpets require. You will be asked some simple questions that will make it clear whether you need dry carpet cleaning or not.

When you buy a carpet, you want it to stay healthy, fresh, and clean for as long as possible. The problem is that dust mites, allergens, odor, and dirt accumulate with time. The cleaning method of choice depends on the level of staining and the amount of traffic your rug or carpet endures. It also depends on whether you have kids and pets and whether your carpet is old or new. We will choose the right cleaning solution and method for your carpet, depending on the type, fabric, color scheme, and design. Our cleaners will choose from different methods, including steam, bonnet, foam, and dry cleaning, and shampooing. Dry cleaning is a good option for carpets, upholstered furniture, and draperies. We use this method for carpets with stubborn stains. It helps dissolve oils and grease and prevents changes of finish and texture and loss of color. Moreover, you don’t have to wait for your rug or carpet to dry. We will vacuum away the cleaning powder and will leave your carpet spotless clean. Our cleaners will remove the microbes and soil particles found in your carpet and will use non-harmful solutions. Your carpet will smell and look like new.

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Book a Dry Carpet Cleaning Service

In order to book our dry carpet cleaning service, you need to use the online form or you can call us on 07596230915 or 07865687817. We will give you a free quote and will arrange an appointment.

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