Effective Rug Cleaning Methods

Many people use rugs to cover their floors in order to protect them from dirt and damage, so they need to use different rug cleaning methods to maintain these rugs in perfect shape.

Dust and dirt continuously absorb in your rugs, so you need to clean them regularly. There are some very effective professional rug cleaning techniques that provide excellent results.

Vacuum cleaning is the most popular and widely used rug cleaning methods because nowadays everyone has a vacuum cleaner at home. You should vacuum clean your rugs regularly to keep them clean and to not allow the absorption of dirt and dust deep in the rugs. This rug cleaning method should be applies at least once a week and even more often in the areas of your home with heavy traffic, such as the hall, the kitchen and the sitting room. Vacuum cleaning is environmental-friendly because it doesn’t use any chemicals and cleaning agents.

rug cleaningWashing the rugs with water is another rug cleaning method. This technique eliminates dust and dirt, and is also effective in cases of fresh stains. To remove stains, you need to apply water on them with a thick cloth. You can also use a mixture of water, vinegar and rug cleansers in order to remove more stubborn stains. It is recommended to clean stains as quickly as possible because fresh stains are removed easier.

Dry cleaning is a rug cleaning method that involves the usage of a special cleaning powder. You need to sprinkle the powder over the rug and then wait for about one or two hours. This will allow the cleaning powder to eliminate stubborn stains and dust seated deep in the rug’s fibres. After one or two hours you should clean the rugs with a vacuum cleaner. Make sure all the powder is thoroughly cleaned.

No matter which rug cleaning method you prefer, rugs should be regularly cleaned to promote high levels of hygiene and to maintain their good look.

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